About Myself

I am a hobby photographer looking to take my skills to the next level and potentially market my work as a profitable extension of my passion and hobby. I'm a visually-impaired photographer and I use my camera as an extension of the senses I sometimes lack otherwise. The camera shows me a world of detail that I'm not able to easily perceive on my own due to my low vision. I try to never let anything stop me from pursuing my interests and passions.

I was taking photos as a youngster with a very ancient digital camera my parents bought me when I was in middle school. It could only hold 8 photos at 640x480 resolution and you couldn't see them until you downloaded them to a computer. But it was a start, and I was taking pictures of everything. The rise of better digital camera technology and eventually smartphone photography, has changed photography in a lot of ways. Social media's influence has allowed everyone to capture and share photos of all manner of things.

I think that photography is now more challenging to excel at. You're either the soccer mom snapping photos on your iPhone and sharing to Facebook, or you're the professional landscape photographer using high-end equipment to capture stunning images. I seem to sit somewhere in the middle of this dichotomy, although I strive daily to inch closer to the pros out there!

I received a bachelors degree form the University of Wisconsin-Stout in the field of Technical Communication. Though I dabbled in a variety of subject areas: human resources, industrial psychology, women and gender studies, telecommunications, and even print! (I also have a masters in HR, but you're not really here for that, right?)

I have a broad interest in digital media, video production, graphic design, social media engagement, IT systems and equipment, mobile technology, and obviously, photography. I picked up a lot of my photography skill taking elective classes in college, and through years of taking photos of everything. I'm a part of the truly digital generation. I never learned to work with film cameras. 


Aside from that, I've lived in a lot of places but now consider the Washington DC Metro Area as home. Still, I have roots in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and California. I am cat dad to two lovable black cats (Midna and Binx). I work full-time as an HR Information Systems specialist, and volunteer my photography skills on the side. I'm a progressive, politically-speaking, so I'm interested in supporting causes such as civil rights, equality, animal rescue, disability advocacy, and expansion of social services for the disenfranchised. 

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